Except miracle in 7 days

Congratulations breaking all the toxic cycle and friendship and finally in the position to receive your miracle after 7 days Except powerful change in your destiny. Nothing will be same. Yes change will take place. You will celebrate. Disputes will be settled. Have Faith your reputation is guarded by many angels and our heavenly father. You are going to meet your desired person after 4 days from now. If you are reading this means angels wanted to convey this message that your breathing taking miracle and big achievements is now taking place in front of all the people who wanted you to lose everything. God will get glory in your victory. Don’t forget god to thank when he gives you all the fruits to enjoy. Your pain is ending now. Lot of your past people will be regretting veryy veryyyy badly this is gods word. They already started to regret now and surrendering. You will jump higher so higher that they can’t even reach you for apologies. You are going to be super powerful in your journey from now onwards. Claim it say amen 🕉

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