Your marriage will fix now

Your marriage is now fixing in no time. You have prayed, cried and invested yourself deeply in love life and even after that you faced lot of delays. But no more pain from this now moment only gain and gain. Your marriage i see fixing before ending of this year. You will enter in your own new house gifted by your spouse. Luck follows you ahead. I see someone have planned really strange place to propose you unexpectedly. I see some ordinary people are mentioning your name to your spouse so positively with so much grace and value. Energy within your person regarding you shifting its like your person is feeling deeply attracted and have developed true feelings and love for you. I see you traveling after 7 days where you both will encounter each other.
You won’t be single by the end of this year. You are going to enter new year with permanent relationship and marriage proposal. You will gain great success within 7 days. You will hear the word congratulations and you will say thankyou God did it 💜

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