Blessing Business and Trade

Blessing Business and Trade – Sai Baba Story

Blessing Business and Trade

Damu anna, a businessman , was approached by his friends from Mumbai to speculated in cotton, which they believed would bring them a profit of two lakh rupees.

being a devotee of baba, he wrote a letter, requesting baba to give his advice on the matter. Without even seeing the letter, baba said “what does he write, and what does he plan. he wants to reach the sky. he is not content with what god has given him.” after shama read the letter, baba said that the seth (Damu anna) should be content with what he had.

After receiving baba’s advice, Damu anna immediately went to shirdi thinking that baba would encourage him if he met him personally. he thought that he would give a share of the profit to baba if he helped him in the transaction. baba read his mind and said , “Bapu , i do not want to be entangled in such worldly things (sharing profits).” so Damu anna dropped the idea.

On yet another occasion, when Damu anna thought of trading in grain, rice, wheat and other groceries, baba read his mind and told him “You will be buying at five seers a rupee and selling at seven seers a rupee”, meaning that it would not be profitable at that time.

Due to abundant rain and abundant crop, the price fell, and those who had stored grains suffered heavy loses.Due to the timely advice of compassionate Baba, Damu anna was twice saved from disaster in business.

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