Curing Epilepsy

Curing Epilepsy – Sai Baba Story

Curing Epilepsy

Mr.Harischandra Pitale, a resident of Mumbai, had a son who was suffering from epilepsy. In spite of extensive treatment, including Allopathic and Ayurvedic treatment, he could not be cured.

On learning that sai bab, By His mere touch and glance, curing many chronic diseases, he came to Shirdi with his wife and children, prostrated himself before Baba and prayed for his sick son.

However, to their utter shock, as soon as baba looked at the sick child, he had a server attack of epilepsy and fell down senseless. The parents became nervous and the mother started wailing, cursing themselves for coming to Shirdi, and even doubted Baba’s power.

But baba comforted her, saying, “Do not wail, have patience and wait for some time. Now take the boy to your lodge and he will come to his senses with in half an hour.” They did as directed by Baba, and found that His words came true and the boy recovered.

When the delighted and happy Pitale came to Baba, along with his wife and children, Baba smiled and said, “Have not all your thoughts, doubts and apprehensions calmed down now? Hari (God) will protect them, who have faith and patience.”

After passing happy days in Baba’s company, the Pitale family came to Masjid to take His leave, and Baba blessed them with UDI. oom sairam

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