Taking Plague onto Himself

Taking Plague onto Himself – Sai Baba Stories

Taking Plague onto Himself

Once Mrs. Dadasaheb Khaparde of Amaraoto came to Shirdi with her younger son for Baba’s darshan and blessings, and stayed there for sometime.

One day, her son suddenly developed high fever, which was later diagnosed as the deadly bubonic plague.
The frightened mother rushed to the wada, met Baba while He was having his His evening stroll, and held His feet firmly. She informed Him in a trembling voice about her son’s serious condition, and sought permission to leave Shirdi for Amraoti.

But Baba, in a kind and soft tone, told her, “The sky is beset with cloud, but they will melt and pass off soon and everything will be smooth and clear”. And He lifted up his shirt (Kafni) and showed to all those present there, four fully developed buboes on His waist, and added, saying, “See how I suffer for the sake of my devotees. Their difficulties are Mine.”

The heart of the divine soul melts like soft wax or butter when exposed to the warmth of the prayers of suffering devotees.

By the grace of baba, after a few days, the son was completely cured, and the mother was relived of her anxiety.

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