Relieving chronic stomach ache

Relieving chronic stomach ache – Sai Baba Stories

Relieving chronic stomach ache

Dattopant, a resident of Harda, was suffering from severe chronic stomach ache for the past fourteen years, without any relief of his undergoing various kind of treatment.

On hearing that Sai Baba could cure any disease by a mere look, Dattopant went to Shirdi and prostrated himself at His feet.

Looking at him compassionately, Baba blessed him by keeping His divine hand on his head and giving him the holy ash (Udi).

Dattopant was relieved at once of his chronic ailment with Baba’s permission and blessing.

There are several instance where Baba’s blessings, physically or through dreams, restored the health of several other devotees, like curing chronic stomach pain, ear pain, epilepsy, tuberculosis, etc.

The suffering and afflictions of people are removed only by the compassionate and loving glances and blessings of divine incarnations.

Baba also used to utter, “Stay, cast off your anxiety! Your suffering have come to an end. The FAKIR here is very kind and He will cure all diseases and protect all with love and kindness.”

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