wheat flour – cholera cure

wheat flour – cholera cure – Sai Baba Stories

wheat flour – cholera cure

Baba was in the regular habit of grinding wheat in a millstone. Some time during 1910. He spread a sack-cloth on the floor of the Majid and started grinding wheat. On seeing Baba doing this, four ladies from the village pushed Him aside, took over the grinding and ground a lot of wheat flour.

They divided the flour into four parts and were about to go away with it, thinking that Baba had no need of this wheat flour, since He had no family.

Seeing this baba become angry and shouted at them saying, “Are you mad? Whose property are you looting? Have I ever borrowed from you that you take away this flour? Now do what I say. Take this flour and sprinkle it at the borders of the village.” The ladies silently walked away and sprinkled the flour at the village borders as ordered by Baba.

This action of Baba appeared to be very strange and beyond the comprehension of the people around him at that moment. But His marvelous ways were understood in time by those who patiently waited (saburi); that it was for the ultimate good of the people.

Later, everyone realized that Baba has done this to stop the spread of cholera, which was prevalent all around at the time, into the village. From that time onwards, the cholera epidemic subsided and the people of the village were happy.

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