Success in the Medical

Success in the Medical – Sai Baba Story

Success in the Medical

The tendulkar family (Mrs. savitribai and ragunathrao) in Bandra, a suburb of Mumbai, were devotees of baba. when one of their sons was preparing for the medical examination, an astrologer told him that time was not in his favor at that time . this depressed the boy.

A few days later, when his mother went to shirdi and mentioned to baba her son’s depression, baba told her, “Tell your son to believe in Me. Ask him to put aside all horoscopes and predictions of astrologers and palmists, and to carry on with his studies, with a appear for the examination, as per schedule, with a calm mind. he is sure to pass this year. Ask him to put all his trust in Me, and I shall not disappoint him”.

On returning home, the mother conveyed baba’s assurance to the son. Hearing baba’s message, he appeared for examination and did the written part well, but was hesitant to appear for the oral examination. However, the examiner asked him to appear as he has done well in the written examination. He appeared for the oral examination, and by baba’s grace, passes, against all astrological predictions that the stars were against him.

In yet another instance, one Mr Shavede of Mumbai passed his Law examination, solely with the blessings of baba, even when his friend expressed their doubts about his passing and made fun of him. Not only did he pass the examination, but he became a successful lawyer later.

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