Controlling the fury of storms, floods and fire

Controlling the fury of storms, floods and fire – Sai Baba Stories

Controlling the fury of storms, floods and fire

One day shirdi was overcast with clouds and was hit by a terrible storm, with powerful winds and lighting. The winds began to blow forcibly; the clouds thundered;and lighting flashed. In this furore , all creatures birds, beasts and men flocked to the Masjid for shelter and prayed to Baba.

Baba was moved with compassion and came out. Standing at the edge of the Masjid, he addressed the storm loudly in a thunderous voice, “Stop! Stop your fury and be calm”. Surprisingly, in a few minutes, the rain subsided, the winds ceased to blow, and the storm was over, and people went back home pleased.

On another occasion, the fire in the dhuni was burning brightly, and suddenly the flames were seen rising upto the rafters above. But people in the Masjid did not have the courage to draw the attention of baba to this danger and did not know what to do.However, soon Baba Himself realized What was happening, took up His satka (a stick) and dashed it against the pillar in front of Him, saying “Get down, be calm”. At each strock of the satka, the flames abated and in a few minutes the fire in the dhuni came down to its normal level and became calm.Thus, Baba’s words were a command which controlled the natural elements, whether it was a storm or a fire.

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