The Miracle Man

The Miracle Man – Sai Baba Stories

The Miracle Man

Sai Baba was aware of the past, present and future, what was happening at any moment anywhere, and what thoughts were passing through the minds of people; for, after all, thoughts also have their origin in consciousness, Baba could make things happen at will, beyond the limitations of physical laws.

To put it in another way,the fact that Baba could, as shown by several instances given in the biography, bring about miracles, shows that He is established in a state of consciousness in which He can will anything to happen. It was natural, therefore, for Him to be present at will – physically or in some other manifestation – wherever and whenever He wanted.

The extraordinary miraculous powers of control over all natural elements (curing the sick and granting their wishes, and coming to the aid of those who prayed to him) exhibited by Shirdi Sai Baba are recorded in His life history. Bestowing sight on the blind, children to the childless, curing even chronic patients, conferring health on the suffering, and showering happiness and prosperity – all this was done lovingly by the Baba.
Satisfying the mundane demands of devotees, like getting them a job, a promotion or a house, are a few of the many things He did for His devotees.

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