Heart Touching Miracles By Shirdi Sai Baba

Heart Touching Miracles – We all know who is Sai Baba and often listen his miracles or short stories which portray how Sai Baba helped poor, needy and even beggarly people to come out of deprivation, trauma and depression. Real life stories and miracles of the great saint Sai baba are beyond imagination and considered phenomenal in the history of India. Baba was an Indian spiritual Guru and better known to be a problem solver for his ardent devotees. There are varied miraculous stories and real incidents that exhibit that Baba was superhuman and lived in Shirdi ever after to fathom all the difficulties and obstacles MAGICALLY and Mystically of his dear and avid followers and devotees.

Heart Touching Miracles By Shirdi Sai Baba

Short Stories of Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles

Miracle#1 of Sai Baba and Chand Bhai’s Horse

In Maharashtra, there is a district named Aurangabad, in which there is a village named Dhoopkhede. Chand bhai was the Patel of that village. Once he lost his horse. Chand bhai searched and searched, but to no avail. After traveling fourteen Koss, he came, on the way, to a mango tree under the foot of which sat a Fakir. He had a cap on His head, wore Kafni (long robe) and had a “Satka” (short stick) under his arm-pit. The Fakir asked him about the saddle. Chand Patil replied that it was of his horse which was lost.

The queer fellow or Fakir asked him to make a search in the Nala close by. He went and the wonder of wonders! He found out the mare. He thought that this Fakir was not an ordinary man, but an Avalia (a great saint). He returned to the Fakir with the mare. He requested the Fakir to come to his home and accept his hospitality. Next day He went to the Patil’s house and stayed there for some time.

After some time, there was a marriage ceremony in Chand Bhai’s house; the marriage procession went to Shirdi. The Fakir also accompanied the marriage-party. When the marriage – party came to Shirdi, it alighted at the foot of a Banyan tree in Bhagat Mhalsapati’s field near Khandoba’s temple. Bhagat Mhalsapati saw the young Fakir getting down and accosted Him “YA SAI” (Welcome Sai). Others also addressed Him as Sai and thence-forth he became known as Sai Baba.

Miracle#2 Story of Grinding Wheat

Sai Baba Miracles

 One time, there was an epidemic of Cholera in Shirdi. Helpless Shirdi people approached Baba for relief. On this Baba after washing his hand and face took some wheat and started grinding in a hand mill. Then he asked the village people to take the flour and throw it on the village borders. With grace of Baba, from that time onward the cholera epidemic subsided and the people of the village were happy. By grinding wheat here Baba actually meant that, it was not the wheat, that was ground but cholera itself was ground to pieces and pushed out of the village.

Miracle#3: Turning Water into Oil 

Every night, Sai Baba used to light earthen lamps in the Dwarkamai. For this, he asked the grocers to give him oil. In the beginning, people looked upon Baba as a mad fakir and so the grocers gave him oil just for the fun of it. But soon they got fed up with this daily practice and one day they all refused to give him oil. With the empty oil-tin dangling from his hand, Baba came back to Dwarkamai. He put a little water in the oil tin and drank it, as if to please the God within. Then he took more water, poured it in the lamps and kindled them one by one the ‘water-lamps’ burnt throughout the night. Those who had come to scoff remained to praise. This incident established the supernatural powers of Baba beyond a shred of doubt.

Miracle#4: The Two Lizards Miracle of Sai Baba

Once Sai Baba was sitting in the masjid (mosque); a devotee sat in front of him, when a lizard tick-ticked. Out of curiosity the devotee asked Baba, whether this tick-ticking of the lizard signified anything good or was it a bad omen? Baba said that the lizard was overjoyed as her sister from Aurangabad was coming to see her. The devotee sat silent not making out the meaning of Baba’s words. Immediately a gentleman from Aurangabad came on horse-back to see Baba. He wanted to proceed further, but his horse would not go as it was hungry and wanted grams. He took out a bag of grams from his shoulders to bring grams and dashed it on the ground to remove dirt. A lizard came out there from and in the presence of all, climbed up the wall. Baba asked the questioner devotee to mark her well. She at once, went strutting to her sister. Both sisters met each other after a long time, whirled round and danced with love! Where is Shirdi and where is Aurangabad for the lizard? How should the man on horseback come there from Aurangabad with the lizard? And how should Baba make Prophecy of the meeting of the two sisters? All this is really very wonderful and proves the omniscience – the all-knowing nature of Baba.

Miracle#5: Lighting lamps with water

Long before Sai Baba’s fame spread, he was fond of burning lights in his Masjid and other Temples. But for the oil needed in those little earthenware lights that he lit, he depended on the generosity of the grocers of Shirdi. He had made it a rule to light earthenware lamps in the masjid every evening and he would call on the grocers for small donations. But there came a time when the grocers got tired of giving oil free to Sai Baba and one day they bluntly refused to oblige him, saying they had no fresh stocks. Without a word of protest Sai Baba returned to the masjid. Into those earthenware lamps he poured water and lighted the wicks. The lamps continued to burn deep into the midnight. The matter came to the notice of the grocers who now came to Sai Baba with profuse apologies. Wouldn’t Sai Baba kindly pardon them? Sai Baba pardoned them, but he warned them never to lie again. “You could have refused to give me the oil, but did you have to say that you didn’t have fresh stocks?” he admonished them. But he had made his point.

Miracle#6: Premonition of burning fields

Once, harvesting in Shirdi had been completed and the food grains of the entire village had been stored in a yard. The summer was on. The heat was intense as only those who have lived in Shirdi know. One afternoon Sai Baba summoned Kondaji Sutar and said to him: “Go, your field is on fire” Frightened, Kondaji ran to his field and. frantically looked around for any sign of fire. There wasn’t any. He returned to the masjid and informed Sai Baba that he had looked everywhere but had found no trace of fire and why did Baba have to frighten him? Unfazed, Baba said: “You better turn back and look again.” Baba was right after all. Kondaji noticed that a sheaf of corn was indeed on fire and smoke was billowing from it. A strong wind was fanning the fire and word had gone round to the villagers who now came running to the scene. “Sai Baba,” the people shouted “helps us, help us put the fire out!” Thereupon, Sai Baba walked casually towards the yard, sprinkled some water on a stack of sheaves and said: “There now! The fire will die down!” And so it happened.

Miracle#7: Stopping the rain

There is the story of one Rao Bahadur Moreshwar Fradhan who had come to Shirdi to take Sai Baba’s darshan along with his wife. As the couple were about to leave, it began to rain heavily. Thunder and lightning rent the air. As the Pradhan couple looked round in dismay, Sai Baba prayed. “Oh Allah!” he intoned, “let the rains cease. My children are going home. Let them go peacefully!” The storm thereupon ceased, the downpour reduced to slight drizzle and the Pradhans were able to reach their destination safely.

Miracle#8: Raising the water level in well

When Sai Baba first came to Shirdi it had of no basic facilities. There was a well put only in name. It had no natural spring water and if ever there had been one, it must long ago have dried up. Water had to be fetched from a distance. When, therefore, Sai Baba gave his permission to the villagers to celebrate the Ram Navami Fair, (Baba’s Birthday) the big problem facing the organizers was one of water supply. So what should they do but go to Sai Baba with their problem? “‘Oh yes,” said Sai Baba, ‘so you want plenty of water, do you? Here, take this and drop it in the well and wait and see.” “‘This,” turned up to be a platter of flowers on which some Prasad (blessed food) had been placed along with the remnants of alms Baba had received earlier in the day. The villagers had no qualms about doing as they were done. Their faith in Sai Baba was total. No sooner had that platter of leaves been dropped in the well, it is said, water rose from the bottom as if by divine command and completely filled it. And great was the rejoicing of the people.

Miracle#9: Saving a child from drowning

One report has it that word had spread that the 3-year old daughter of a poor man called Babu Kirwandikar had fallen into the well and had been drowned. When the villagers rushed to the well they saw the child suspended in mid-air as if some invisible hand was holding her up! She was quickly pulled out. Sai Baba was fond of that child who was often heard to say: I am Baba’s sister!” After this incident, the villagers took her at her word. “It is all Baba’s Leela”, the people would say philosophically. They could offer no other explanation.

Miracle#10: Flow of Godavari (river) from Baba’s feet

These were instances of things they had seen with their own eyes. It was not secondhand information they had gathered. Sai Baba was to them as real as their homes and their fields and their cattle and the distant hills. Das Ganu once had an unforgettable experience. On a festive occasion, he sought Baba’s permission to go to a place called Singba on the banks of the Godavari to have a bath in the holy waters. “No,” Baba replied resolutely, “where is the need to go all the way when the Godavari is here right at my feet?” Das Ganu was vexed. He was willing to concede that Ganga the holy river (Baba frequently referred to Godavari as Ganga) rose from the feet of Sri Narayana (one among the Hindu trinity of Gods) himself, but his faith was not deep enough to believe that the waters of the Godavari could spring form the feet of his master, Sri Sai. Baba who was reading Das Ganu’s mind decided that this was the time to strengthen Das Ganu’s faith. He told his devotee: “come closer to me and hold the hollow of your palms at my feet!”.  As soon as he did so water flowed freely out of the toes of the master’s feet and filled the hollow of Das Ganu’s palms in no time. His joy knew no limits. He sprinkled the water on his head and his body and distributed some more among the assembled devotees as tirtha (holy water).

Other miracles

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There was that other occasion when many thought that the masjid which housed Sai Baba itself would be consumed by fire from the flames which leapt up from the dhuni. All that Baba did was to take some swipes at a wooden pillar in front of him. With every blow the flames subsided and the fire died down. “Miraculous,” said his devotees. Often they would notice him stirring some hot concoction over the kitchen fire, not with a ladle but with his bare hands. There never was a time when his hand was scalded. What supernatural powers did he have? On yet another occasion, Sai Baba was partaking of food with three of his devotees in the masjid when, without any cause for provocation, he exclaimed- “Stop!” Then, as if nothing had happened, the four continued with their meal. Lunch over and the dishes cleared, they stepped out of the masjid, when large chunks of the ceiling fell on the very spot where they had been seated only a few minutes earlier. Did Sai Baba’s powers extend even to inanimate matter, the devotees wondered. Instances have been quoted by his devotees as to how Sai Baba commanded the rains to stop and the winds to cease. Understanding Sai Baba.

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Experienced by Devotees

Shirdi Sai Baba was famous as- the mysterious fakir among his passionate admirers and known about by many people for his Superhuman and extra mundane miracles. People have even shared their personal experiences with Baba and how He even aided His beloved devotees from problems and complexities very easily. Read the following experiences and get more devoted towards Him.

Sai Baba Miracles Story 1 – By Sai Devotee Sandhya

Heart Touching Miracles

Sai Sister Sandhya Ji from India says: I am 25 years old from Mumbai, but currently staying in Jaipur. I am also a child of SAI BABA like all. I just want to share my experience with everyone, so that it brings hopes, tears of happiness, security and love of BABA. I would like to thank Hetal Ji for her kind work that she is doing. You are giving joy to people that cannot be described in words. Sai Baba will bless you and all his children.

  • How Sai Called Me To Shirdi There is no one in my friends or family, who was a believer of SAI BABA, but somehow I always had the urge to visit Shirdi and see Him. I always used to plan with my mother to go there, but I could not go. I never even prayed to Him. My mother was then just operated for her cancer in her kidney. After being discharged from the hospital, she came home and one fine evening I said that tomorrow we will go to Shirdi and she said fine, do the booking and all. And guess next day, we were in Shirdi. What can be more wonderful than this that from nowhere just while talking I said we will go to Shirdi and without any preplans, next day we were there. This was when our SAI BABA called me to Shirdi in the year 2008 and since then He calls me every year.
  • How Sai Baba helped my mother to fight her deadly diseases My mother was a patient of brain tumor and cancer both. How many people can fight such disease and how many of them survive? I continuously used to pray for my mother to our Sai Baba. I still remember before every operation, how I used to console my mother and at that time she used to be my kid and I am her mother. The long waiting outside the operation theater and then taking her to the ICU keeping her there for days and I and my younger brother used to just stay outside the ICU just to get her one glimpse, as it is not allowed to go inside the ICU because it may cause infection to the patient. I just pray to our Sai Baba that please don’t make anyone suffer from the disease. You can once see yourself in pain, but not your loved ones. And I bow to Him that it is You, who saved her. Now please take care of her. I can’t see her living on medicines and so weak. You have given her life made her strong. After all its been a suffering of 20 years and more. Bless all.
  • Sai Baba helped me in my exams Related imageI was giving my company secretary exams and I knew that I had not prepared well. I knew that I was not supposed to pass because people who give such professional exams work hard day and night and then they get through it. But someone like me, who study at the last moment, thinks that they should pass. But I knew that if I passed in these exams, it will be a blessing of SAI BABA. I worked hard in the last days. While going for my first exam, I saw a man resembling our Sai Baba, the one we usually have heard of Him like a fair, in a white dhoti and white shawl. He had a young calf with him. On my way to the exam center, we have a Shirdi temple, which is closed from 12-4pm in the afternoon. And I used to pass that temple at 1 pm daily. It was always closed and I didn’t feel good about it. But daily I used to see this man. On my second exam only, I felt so ill that I realized that I had not had water from past two days. And no one was there to take care of me as I stayed alone here in Jaipur. My second exam went so bad that I thought of giving it up. But then I believed in SAI BABA and took His name and said I leave everything on You. Now when I used to see that old man daily on my route on my last exam, I was actually searching for him, but I could not find him. But to my surprise, that day Sai Baba temple was open. And then my result came after two months and to everyone’s surprise, I had cleared my exams. It’s all with our SAI BABAs blessing. It’s not that you don’t have to do anything; we should remember that God helps those who help themselves. Bless all.
  • Money came into my account This is again a moment where chills run into spine even now. I remember I was short of money those days. I did not have enough money and I needed for paying my exam fee and all other things as I was staying away from family I had much more expenses. One afternoon, I was left with only 1000 rupees and I thought I will withdraw this as I needed money for food. I went to the ATM, and I withdrew one thousand. I checked the balance and it showed 1lakh twenty thousand. I thought the machine is giving the wrong figures. I went to other ATMs and again cross checked it was 120000. I rubbed my eyes. Then I thought I should check with the bank because it wasn’t possible. Then they confirmed that I have this amount in my account. And I could not sleep for nights with joy as from nowhere this amount in my account came. I know it was SAI BABA, who gave me exactly the amount that I needed. This was the time, when I started realizing that how blessed soul I am. He always assures me that He is with me all the time. It’s just that when do we realize it that watch yourself cause you are always watched by the Lord himself.
  • How Sai Baba brought calmness in my lifeWe all struggle in life, that is what life is all about struggle, happiness, pain, gain, ups and downs. Isn’t it? Even I was going through such a phrase, where a jolly person like me went into a sort of depression. I used to get frustrated shout at people and then used to cry for my behavior that how I behaved with my loved ones. But I felt helpless as I thought nothing is in my control. But then we all know that how can our SAI MA see Her children in pain and sorrow. From the time I have felt His presence, I could see the difference. I started reading Sai Satcharitra and slowly I realized that we are the ones, who make our life miserable. If we love others, we will get back only love. So it’s just that simple logic that we get back what we give and leave everything on SAI BABA. And all this I learnt from reading Sai Satcharitra.

All I want to say is that believe in Him. He is the ultimate savior and what does He ask for nothing more than love. I have few more experiences that I will be sharing with you all brothers and sisters. Be there with Him because He is always there. ‘’OM SAI RAM’’.

Sai Baba Miracles Story 2 – Sai devotee Sandeep from India says

Thank you, Hetal Ji, for creating this wonderful blog. Devotees can express their miracles and read such experiences from other devotees to build confidence in their life. Here goes my intro; I’m a small devotee of Sai Baba who has been worshiping Him for many years. I have experienced so many miracles from Him. Now I’m sharing some of my experiences with them.

During my engineering, I had got into a big problem because of one of my friends. Then one day I went to Baba’s temple casually, prayed and offered Him some dakshina. Since then the situations turned in my favor, finally got out of that problem. I have experienced many such miracles from Him, can’t share everything here as there is no end to His miracles. I’ll try to share some more in my next post. Now every day I used to go to His temple and, read Satcharitra parayan on every month’s 1st week. I have completed Nava Guruvar Vratam as well for 2 times.

I got everything till now with the blessings of Baba. But now I’m going through a hard phase in my professional career. Since 2 years I have been trying to get into my career’s next step but not getting successful. Baba is not opening the doors to step into my next plan. Don’t know what He has for me as He knows my current situation. Right now I’m having plenty of confusions in my life that what’s next? Sai Deva, please show me the way to achieve my dream and make my parents happy. I trusted You Sai Deva, show Your mercy to me Sai Deva. Finally, I pray Sai Deva to give strength and happiness in everyone’s life because He is our savior and He’ll do anything for His Bhaktas. Thank You, Baba!!! Jai Sai Nathaya Namaha…!

Sai Baba Miracles Story 3 – Anonymous Sai Devotee from India Says

Heart Touching Miracles
  • Ganesha Sai and Om Sai Ram to all Sai Maa devotees. This is my second post and I have already posted my experiences before and they have been published also. My heartfelt thanks to Hetal sister and the blog team members who are doing a great job. I wish to share few of my experiences where Baba listened to my prayers.
  • I am an Engineering student. It was the time of my lab internals and I was a bit nervous about it, as those labs were tough and moreover I wanted a good score in it (as my written internals were not with a very good score). I prayed Baba that my lab internals and my lab exam should go on good and have a good score in it. Baba listened to my prayers and I got good marks in it.
  • My family had planned a trip during Shivaratri. There were a misunderstanding and small dispute between my dad and grandmother (my mother’s mom), due to which my dad refused to take grandmother with us for the trip. This was the difficult situation to handle because of my grand maa really wished to come with us for the trip but my dad refused it. Then I started praying Baba and wonders happened that is my daddy agreed to take my grand Maa for the trip and he booked the tickets also. The trip also went on good. Thank You  Sai Maa.
  • This is the experience that happened today. Yesterday my friends planned an outing to go to Sai Baba Ashram (it is the ashram of my teacher). I really wished to go there and see my Baba but the problem was taking the permission of my daddy. I prayed to Sai Baba and Sathya Sai Baba for giving the permission of my dad. And my Babas listened to my prayers. My dad agreed and I happily went on an outing with my friends to Sai Baba ashram today. I enjoyed a lot with friends and ashram kids. Really thanks a lot, Baba. Sorry for the late post. Forgive me Sai Maa. Baba blessed us for planning a trip to Shirdi the next month and we have booked the tickets also. Baba, please bless us with a nice trip the next month without any problem. I have full faith in You that You will call us to Your darbaar and we would have a nice darshan. Ganesha Sai Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Miracles Story 4 – Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA says

Heart Touching Miracles

First of all, I would like to thank Hetalji and entire team members for this divine work, in which all Sai devotees can share their experiences. These experiences give hope to all, that Baba is always with us.

Today I am going to share my experience of Baba’s miracle. We came to the USA in August 2015 with lots of dreams. But felt surrounded by difficulties and bad lucks after reaching here. Within 3 months of times, my husband had the job problem. His manager used to say him that don’t have project after December. He was so worried about that. Later in December 2015, he lost his mother too. I felt, my husband was very low at that point of the period. In fact, he was so depressed. I used to keep giving him confidence and used to say, don’t worry Baba would help us. With full faith on Baba I started Nav Vrat and between this Nav vrat, my husband got a new job offer. Our all difficulties vanished with Baba’s grace. So, keep faith in Baba and surrender everything in Baba lotus feet. Baba always will be with us. Thank You.

Sai Baba Miracles Story 5

I started believing in baba when my friend took me to sai baba’s temple, when i finished my college and i was struggling for finding a job. She narrated some beautiful stories to me .With grace of Sai i got a good job ,however i was facing issues in my job as my team my was not very supportive it was my turn for onsite n they were giving some excuses .I was very disturbed when came home my sister told me read “Sai Satcharitra” we both were staying in Gurgaon at that time as we both were working .I started reading the Sai Satcharitra with full faith and halfway through the book things started working and i got my onsite .I went to my hometown for packing and had to leave for US,As everything was rushing I forgot my Satcharitra at my Gurgaon house and asked my sister to get it to the airport. She forgot to bring it to tge airport and i left for US for 3 months without completing Sai Satcharitra. Everything going good except my team they were suddenly started putting lot of pressure on me. One day while going to office i was crying and talking to Sai baba in my mind that “i don’t have Satcharitra with me right now. How can i read it. Give me the book and i will read it.”

I reached office and a friend introduced me to a lady in my office. She asked me what are doing this diwali. I told her that i have office. She asked me if i would like to join her to Sai temple for kaakkad aarti as it will be at 5 am .To this my other colleague reacted take her she is a huge follower. The lady said great to know that u are a follower too .I should get a book for you tomorrow .It’s Sai baba’s book.

I asked her which book. She replied “Sai Satcharitra”. Tear rolled down my cheek. I was happy and surprised to see this Miracle happening to me just after 1 hour I asked Sai baba to give me the book. The lady then brought Sai Satcharitra to me next Day and told me to keep it as this one is a spare book. After that i used to go to Sai temple with her every Thursday and we became friends. I told her about this Miracle .It was November and I came back from US in December. She has to come to India around 25th Dec and i promised her that i will take her to lodhi Road Sai baba temple. When she came i went to meet her and as we had less time we decided to go to nearby Sai temple. She took me to a temple which was near her Aunt’s house in Delhi and it was the same temple where my friend took me for the very first time from where i started believing in Sai. It was no less than a Miracle again. Sai completed that circle for me.

Sai Baba Miracles Story 6

I write this with tears rolling down my face. I was struggling very hard for overseas education loan. I would try everything very hard, everything would go well, my documents, my scores everything, but in the very last moment the loan would not get sanctioned. I had this sentiment that if I saw many pictures on Sai baba in random places… like on the car or shops or in calendars, that something miraculous was going to happen. Today I saw baba’s pictures EVERYWHERE, literally all the way from home to consultancy and back home I saw his pictures everywhere, Even in the basement of my consultancy. I was sure this was the day. I returned home only to receive a call that my loan can’t be processed, the loan agent was heartbroken because my scores were really good, but my father’s (co grantors) profile was really bad. My father had another family, though they were not his own kids and earned really well; he used to buy properties in their names. He had made lots of loan from many friends and family and would not pay them back. He would not give priorities for his 3 children and wife, but always kept the other family comfortable. And this overseas education and employment was my only hope. I cried really badly, I regretted believing in him. It was about 10 in the night. Baba came in my dreams and asked me, what I would do if the loan got sanctioned, and if my dad would not transfer it into my account? The loan had no collateral or security, it was entirely dependent on my scores and marks. I woke up crying real bad, all he was trying to do was save me from this big tragedy in my life, if the loan was sanctioned only a part of it would be paid, the rest of the money will remain in his account until the next payment. My father would not give me 3,000rs how I could trust him with 30 Lakhs. I write this to thank him. He works in ways unknown. I tell I hate him for making me go through this, but he just slaps with truth on my face at the right moment. I love with all my heart, even if I don’t go abroad, I’ll lead my life happily and fearlessly , for I know he’s on my side.

Sai Baba Miracles Story 7

have experienced Saikripa when my little daughter Navya was a 2 year kid her fingers got jammed into the Sheesham doors of my room and it was severely bleeding in the chilling night of December around 11 O clock .I took her to a nearby hospital where her hands was dressed and the doctor asked me to come the next day to put on the plaster as four bones are broken, my kid was crying in the hospital , Then I saw a Sai calendar in the hospital and prayed to him to pacify my daughter and reduce her pains. Sai Ram had blessed my daughter with his grace and I was surprised to see the miracle my child stopped crying and the bandage which the doctor had put on her hands fell away and all the bleeding had stopped and there was no broken bones. Sai Ram helps everyone .My Belief strengthened with this Kripa. Jai Sai Ram

Sai Baba Miracles Story 8

There are many stories related to personal instances and I will state one that just happened recently. It may be a miracle or just a co-incidence. Whatever do you want to believe? On this Dhanteras I was trying to find some flowers and it was pretty late as it was around 4:30 Pm. I was told that the flowers were available near a cross road and I went there. The place where I live is developed but you don’t get things like flowers easily here. So I went to cross roads and there was no one. I knew I had to do the puja without the flowers now and was returning to home. I just thought that like in stories in Sai Sat charitra may be some one would come to me and give flowers. In my mind I thought… Urvil sale tu paapi hai… Aur aisa kuch hone se raha… (Urvil you are a sinner and no such thing will happen) and I just laughed at myself… just that second I saw a lady with flowers sitting outside my own society and it was none other than my previous maid… She said glad to see you… I was making this mala for you… I was literally and still am in shock for this instance… I did not see her there before. I read sai sat charitra that day and it was written… When you pray to your guru he will make sure that all the religious events that take place in your house are duly performed.

Sai Baba Miracles Story 9

I would like to relate an incident that happened to a friend, this is not a personal experience but heard of this miracle from the friend. My friend constructed an independent house somewhere in Chennai. He had finished the ground floor and performed griha pravesh (house warming ceremony) and moved in with his family – his wife and a four year old daughter. The parapet walls on the terrace were yet to be completed and the work was underway. The steel bars were exposed partially above the roof structure and the terrace was accessible by a set of stairs on the outside. His wife had tied a clothesline on the terrace, using the exposed steel rods, and had hung a few clothes to dry. Around 4 PM, she went to the terrace to pick up the clothes accompanied by the young daughter. While she was taking the clothes from the line, the young daughter was playing on the terrace and accidentally toppled over while chasing a ball or some toy. Since there was no parapet wall, she fell from the terrace on the stones lying on the ground below. The mother on seeing this let out a cry and fainted. A few minutes later, the daughter was trying to wake up her mother, ‘Amma, Amma, get up’. When the mother became conscious, she was aghast at the daughter waking her up and asked if she was ok. She was dumbfounded on seeing her daughter intact with no injuries or bruises. She hugged and asked her daughter, ‘I saw you falling over but how come you are here and that too with no injuries?’ The daughter replied, ‘I fell down on my face and was injured, just then an old man, came near me, woke me up, took me in his arms, touched my bleeding forehead and said, don’t worry my child, you will be fine. Go up and get your mother’. My injuries vanished and I ran up the stairs to you. The mother was yet to recover from the shock of seeing her daughter fall down and when she heard this was further shocked. She asked, ‘my dear, how did he look like?’ The daughter replied, ‘Amma, he was exactly as in the picture in our Puja room, you pray to him daily, the same old person’. The mother could not control her tears and ran down to the streets to find him. Alas, there was no one around. She ran to the Puja room with her daughter. ‘Was he the same old man?’ she asked her daughter, pointing to Shirdi Sai Baba’s image. ‘Yes, same Baba, Amma!’. The mother knelt down in immense gratitude with tears in her eyes. What could she say? Baba lives on, for those who have faith and patience (Shraddha and Saburi), he is eternal.

Sai Baba Miracles Story 10

My father was mentally affected and we had gone through an one month medical treatment at one of the private hospital in Tirupur but my father was not cured then the doctor advised us to visit the greenest place that makes my father mentally strong and free, so myself and my mom have decided to stay at my father’s native vatukapati (a small village in karur). On Sunday ni8 we went to karur. On Monday morning my father had a little bit of cold I thought it was not a big problem later…. On Tuesday he had throat infection the level of muscus influencing highly day by day. Note: If you found the build of muscus in the throat for aged people immediately look for hospital. This type of muscus will severely damage the lungs.(I was unaware of it and suffered a lot ) On Wednesday night my father was troubled to breathe (wheezing) I don’t know what to do at Night and the distance to hospital was so long . I called my father’s brother he doesn’t respond properly the whole night my mother and me cried a lot. On Thursday morning we sought help from other relatives and reached an private hospital at karur  There we have traumatic news from the doctor said that your father have an blood clot in the lungs and the level of bp getting lower hence it is difficult to save your father . I was shattered. Immediately I called my most dearest friend Hari Krishna he gave me some confidence and told me that today is Thursday sai baba’s day(he had immense faith on baba) so baba will save your dad ,i will pray . 30 mins later Doctor called me and told me that it might be a muscus (Quite Relaxed) but I’m not sure a deep scan should be made, here we don’t have such facilities look for other hospitals in Coimbatore. He also suggested me kmch hospital. For the 1st time I Prayed baba heartily. In kmch they said your father’s lungs were severely affected by virus, there is no clot but the level of mucus in the lungs is so high. For the 1st 2 days they said we can’t say anything else let’s see how medicines support to your dad’s health. Later my relatives discussed with astrologer and said if I stay close with my dad the health condition may not be good to my father so I must keep distance. It is very hard for me to leave my father. And I went home thinking of my dad memories. My brother stayed in the hospital. My friend had already told baba’s glory so I brought immense faith on baba. Once I reached home I searched for baba’s picture finally I found it on a calendar.

I prayed I cried, every day I prayed baba for 1 hour or someday more than an hour before the calendar. By the glory of baba my father’s health improved day by day. After 11 days my father shifted to a normal ward. Every day they allowed 3times (7am, 12.30pm, and 7pm) to see ICU patients. Before 10mins of every call from my brother I pray baba .I received 18 calls out of which 17 were positive only 1 call were negative(the level of bp getting low not as much) I bought sai baba’s statue from the same place where my father admitted (kmch hospital).

Sai Baba Miracles Story 11

When I was studying in college once I went with my friends to Sai temple. But I didn’t feel devotional. So just like that I came back home and forgot. I got placed in campus interview and started working in Chennai. Then once casually I visited Sai temple. I prayed like if I want to believe do this Sai like that. It happened immediately I was surprised though I thought it might be coincidence. Then I asked again 2 things that also happened I was like completely shocked and started believing Sai. My family were seeing match for me. I was too depressed that time. I prayed Sai that I should get a guy who could meet my expectations. I got my Husband and good in laws completely coz f Sai blessings. After that I prayed for a baby. And it got confirmed on Thursday. Yes Sai showered his blessings towards us. We blessed with a beautiful baby. After that we moved to some other state as my Husband switched to some other company. I was searching for a job and got because of Sai blessings. Then again we moved to some other place and again I was searching for a job. I didn’t get job and was completely depressed. I used to talk to Sai for job. Then finally I got a job the interviewer name was Sai. It was like Sai gave me that opportunity. Like this for past 5 years each and every second Sai is taking care f me and my family. He is part of my life now.

Sai Baba Miracles Story 12

I would like to share one such incident of how I experienced the power of Sai Baba personally. I have been a devotee of Sai Baba since childhood and since I was based out of Chennai, I used to frequently visit the Mylapore Sai Baba temple as it was one of my favorite temples and it is very peaceful. I would especially visit on my birthday and I would donate something to the poor or Anna danam (poor feeding). In the year 2009 I had moved out of Chennai to do my post graduation in a college in the outskirts of Trichy, on the Trichy Thanjavur highway. The college is quite isolated and if we need some stationery, we have to travel to the nearest BHEL Township to buy it which was almost 5 kms away. On July 26 2009 it was my birthday and I was quite sad that I couldn’t visit the Mylapore temple as I was in Trichy. I was telling my friends that I am very unlucky that I couldn’t get his darshan this year. My relatives had come from Chennai in the afternoon and they wanted to take me to a temple nearby, as I mentioned the college is in an isolated place they asked the people en route if there is some temple nearby and someone guided us to amman temple (Durga) nearby, it was a 15 mins drive and it was quite a secluded place. I was very frustrated as I could not have darshan of baba on my birthday so told my relatives I won’t step out of the car and I asked them to go inside and pray while I was waiting in the car . Once my mother finished and darshan and just while she was putting on her slippers to go back the flower seller nearby told her there is a temple in the basement also and asked my mother to go there. My mother asked me to come out of the car and asked me to come at least to the temple in the basement. So reluctantly I got down from the car and I went down to the basement and as I walked into the entrance I was stunned seeing the statue of Sai Baba there. IT WAS A SAI TEMPLE. I couldn’t hold back the tears in my eyes, it was a moment of compete euphoria that I cannot express in words. I immediately fell at his feet and sought his blessings on my birthday. There are three other famous Siva Vishnu temples nearby but why would that passerby lead us to this temple? Why would the flower seller suddenly tell my mother there is a temple downstairs and why would my mother insist on me coming to the temple in the basement ? I really have no explanation for all these all I can say is that it’s all sai baba s Leelas and he works in mysterious ways and manifests when we call out to him. Till the time I was in Trichy I kept visiting the temple and offering him a lotus bought from the same flower seller as Thanksgiving. If you are reading this please believe that Sai Baba loves you and no matter what situation you are going through, he will be there for you. God bless you! Om Sai Ram

Sai Baba Miracles Story 13

My Mother suffered from cancer three times in between 2010–2014. It all began on my sister’s birthday when my mother got to know that she has a tumor measuring 12 cm in size in left iliac bone and the doctors suggested to amputate the entire left leg but she got cured within an year and she was back on track however the disease returned in 2011 this time in L5 and it was nearly as large as the earlier one but she was healed again. It was December 7, 2012 I slept in tears.3 am and I was wondering whether my mom would face the same fate again. So this was around 4 Am I woke up half conscious I could clearly feel a hand holding my right arm and this arm was of an old man and shockingly I could feel that old skin of this unknown arm. I asked my sister if she is holding me but she was sleeping at the other side and I don’t understand how a sane person would go to back to sleep while knowing that someone is holding them and but that happened and I unknowingly slept again. I entered this sai baba temple in a dream after moments and It was baba sitting inside; the idol was pure white made of fine marble and it says to me (exactly what he said) : “ “Arre itni chidi hui kyu hai kya hua bata” And i told him not to take my mother away and bless her and he replies: “ab jo hona tha ho gaya aage ke lie me hu na” I wouldn’t say everything went miraculously perfect after that and my mother had to suffer again a cancer of left breast but she was healed .Mark that he never said in the dream that cancer won’t return he merely said that he is there always! And it is baba’s grace that my mother after all these 150 chemo therapies had the courage and that will power to come back home and cook all meals of the day and send her children to school with same love and strength. She has never been bed ridden all through her cancer journey. She is completely healed now in 2018 and is progressing more each day.. Bow to shree sai!!!

Sai Baba Miracles Story 14

Today, I felt the need of sharing my experience with Sai Baba though it happened long back. But before that in short about me: I am a Sai Baba devotee so joined this group and shared few photos of Sai Baba initially adding text to the photo after that just used to follow other member’s posts as am social media shy person and not knowing the importance of GROUPS. But Now, I thank admin for starting the GROUP. I came to know the importance of my parents only after losing them. All other relatives are busy with their own occupation. So, decided to write to share my thoughts. So, here is one of my experiences with Sai Baba…… I habituated remembering / saying “Sai Baba” always. I met with road accidents thrice. All the three accidents occurred while riding scooty. 1st time it was my mistake. I (my scooty) hit the car that was crossing the road. If I had waited, I would not have hit the car. My over enthusiasm taught me a lesson. I remember only my scooter hitting the car. I fell unconscious and got up on my own but when I opened my eyes noticed that 2 to 3 feet I jumped and fell on the ground. Gathered crowed parked my scooty aside. It was a big accident but no big damage to my body. Miracle of My Dear “Sai Baba” Remaining 2 accidents, I broke my bones (Fracture) but “Sai Baba” saved me from my official problems by making me take rest at home. There were some problems in the office. May be, “Sai Baba” wanted me to stay away from those problems. One more miracle of Sai Baba: Miracle of Shirdi Sai baba Once, Along with my niece and nephew went to Shirdi. This time particularly went to see “Palki Seva” which I wanted to see from a long time. We booked guest house to and fro travel tickets through tourism department. After reaching guest house at Shirdi, collected room key to check in. We checked in but it was meant for 2 people where as we were 3. We were supposed to allot room with 3 beds. I got a little angry because what we paid for we did not get. Anyways, we had to go for Darshan so we got ready, locked room and went to the temple. We had Morning Darshan, went to lendi, Dwrakamai, Chavadi and again attended afternoon Aarti too. We had lunch after Darshan. We were very happy. Then we decided to go to the room and again coming back in the evening for “Palki Seva”. We went to the room relaxed and got ready to go to the temple. By the time we reach Dwarakamai, Chavadi many people were assembled there. We did not know where to stand so that we can see “Seva” clearly. We asked one of the volunteers which is the best place from where we can see the “Seva”? She suggested Chavadi. We adjusted among the crowd. “Palki” procession came with dancers dancing in front, bursting crackers, drums bajana and children were dancing (Kolatam) with sticks in their hands. It went on till 10 pm. I / we enjoyed a lot. It’s time to go to the room. Guest house was a little far from the temple, also a lonely place so I did not prefer going by auto. So, decided to walk as usual praying ‘Sai Baba’ Till some distance lights and buildings were there. Then started lonely area dark then a very Big Dog followed us. It’s better to say accompanied us. My niece and nephew said that it’s just behind me, smelling me. Some other dogs were barking. This Dog accompanied us till the Guest House. It was locked. We knocked at the door. The Dog was there till we went inside. Dog is none other than ‘Sai Baba’ There was no power in the floor where room was allotted to us. So, they allotted another room in another floor where power was there. To my surprise, 3 beds were there. Morning I was angry for not getting room having 3 beds. So, ‘Sai Baba’ fulfilled our / my wish. “Sai Baba” is with me Always.

As a matter of course, these unbelievable real occurrences and mystical incidents give the impression of other-worldly and man -made stories but believe it or not the people have felt the power and existence of Baba and even sensed his presence in odd days. He is an absolute godhead and divine divinity for one and all. Ohm Sai Ram!

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